Thursday, 19 June 2014

Tips To Take Perfect Photographs With Cellphone Cameras

Cellphone is the new camera. Everyone has one and is capturing both rare and mundane moments in their camera phone. Most often the results from the cell phone camera are not of the highest quality. Since people take a numerous photos with their camera quantity often makes up for lack of quality. Every teen and adult is armed with a camera and craze for selfies and capturing funny moments is phenomenal. For example if some one in the line in front is making a fool of themselves, most folks these days whip out their cameras, capture a video/photo and share it on Facebook for all their friends and family to enjoy. Same with spectacular scenery and special moments. What was earlier a part of some one's memory is now documented in the form of a photo and shared instantly with the whole world. Now, when your photos are being shared with millions and are on record for eternity don't you think it is time you learnt some basics to make your photo the best it can be? Here are some tips from experts to make your photo the most perfect shot ever - Settings on your phone - Most phone cameras have standard settings set by the manufacturer. Just navigate your way to this menu and set the resolution to highest available on the phone. This is the number of camera pixels to catch on the phone. If you set the resolution lower you will not using the full capacity of your camera to capture an image in complete detail. Quality setting - Again choose the highest quality setting. The camera captures the image and then compresses it to be stored in the cell phone. Now if you choose a lower quality the phone camera strips the image of bits of image data which it thinks will not be missed or won't make a difference to final image and stores it as a JPEG. This makes for a small file size but not so great image quality as you will be literally throwing away lots of information about the image. Hold the phone steady - The biggest issue with cell phone photography images is the blurring due to folks unable to hold their phones steady when clicking. You wobble your phone and image comes out blurred and out of focus. Brace the phone and hold it thumbs and fingers holding it steady on each corner. If possible rest your hands on a stable surface like a low wall or table. Cellphone cameras are less sensitive to light and their shutter speeds are slower too. As a result the photos are blurred and shaky looking. For trick photography with your cellphone camera download some funky new apps and create a variety of effects with them or you could check out this program which offers help with creating funky special effects and trick photography even when you are using just a basic camera.


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